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Meet the Brit great-great grandfather who still plays golf at 100

Meet the Brit great-great grandfather who still plays golf at 100London, Sept 12 : A British great-great grandfather is not letting his age slow him down, and is still turning up for a game golf at the ripe age of 100.
Bill Light, who has been playing golf for 92-years after he first started at the age of eight, still goes out twice a week and says he has a fair way to go yet.
And in recent times he has had to switch from the hilly course he has played for 85-years to a flatter one to spare his knees, and is not ashamed to use a motorised buggy to take him around the fairways these days.
But despite his years, Light, who reckons he has played on at least 100 courses around the country, has a respectable handicap of 24.
On his birthday he took part in a tournament with grandson Mark at his local course - and won, without missing a putt.
The veteran started out at Broadstone Golf Club in Poole, Dorset, where he was a member for eight decades.
"I started when I was eight as a caddy and began playing, then I played in the caddy championships and came runner up," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
"I loved it. I have never stopped and don't want to. I played at Broadstone for well over 80 years but it was a hard course and I've now moved to an easier one," he revealed.
Six years ago he moved to nearby Sturminster Marshall and plays there every Monday and Thursday.
He can drive the ball about 120 yards - 150 yards less than his best when he was in his prime - but his short game is still in good order.
The retired builder has been married to wife Mabel, 95, for 72 years and they have three children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and five great great grandchildren.
Light celebrated his 100th birthday with a party in the clubhouse at Sturminster Marshall Golf Club.
He puts the exercise he gets from playing the sport down to his longevity as well as having a glass of red wine and a tot of whisky every day.

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