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Mike Tindall ‘kisses and gropes’ buxom blonde at dwarf-throwing contest

London, Sept 15 : England rugby captain Mike Tindall, who recently got married to royal Zara Phillips, was spotted kissing and groping a blonde beauty in a nightspot while watching a dwarf-throwing contest with pals. Tindall, 30, was even seen pressing his face to her cleavage on a boozy night off during the World Cup in New Zealand.
A source said that Tindall was so overwhelmed by the girl's oomph factor that instead of rejecting her offerings, he started reciprocating.
"One particularly beautiful blonde went straight for Mike. But rather than reject her advances, unfortunately he was extremely responsive," the Sun quoted the source as saying.
"They were flirting with each other and getting very touchy-feely. Then they went into the doorway, where the girl gestured Mike towards her chest.
"She pulled his head towards her breasts and she rubbed the back of his head as she did so.
"The girl was absolutely stunning and all over him. He clearly thought it was a case of `What happens on tour, stays on tour'.
"But it's not the behaviour you would expect of a man who is not only England captain but also now a member of the Royal Family. He has only been married for a few weeks," the source added.

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