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Webber admits Schumacher "pushed boundaries" during Italian Formula One Grand Prix

Brussels, Sept 16 : Formula One driver Mark Webber has claimed that Michael Schumacher was "pushing the boundaries" with his driving style while taking on Leiws Hamilton at the Italian Formula One Grand Prix.
Comparing the incidents between Hamilton and Schumacher, as well as another between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, Webber said: "It was a unique fight between Michael and Lewis because the McLaren was running up against the rev limiter, so Michael had a speed advantage on the straights.”
"He could position his car very cutely to try to keep him out. There were a few times when Michael returned to the normal line having defended. That''s the point of interest because it''s not what most drivers understand to be acceptable. One incident in particular stood out - out of the second chicane and into Lesmo, when Lewis had a clear run and Michael went across to defend and then came back again. Moving that many times was pushing the boundaries," Fox New quoted him, as saying.
The Mercedes driver appeared to make moves to block Hamilton, and was criticized for his actions by many, including Jenson Button and Martin Brundle.

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